A NOTE to younger ME…

And so, the big 36 is approaching soon. Like tomorrow to be precise. Pheww!!! The only constant is moving time. It feels like Jan just started but Oct has caught on pretty fast, and  Dec is within a close second. Reflecting and realised the measure of life, after all, is not its duration, but how one has utilised, evolved within the given timeline. Everybody’s goal differs. For some, it’s about tangible growth like material wealth, career, etc., and for others, it’s about intangible inner personal growth.

Sometimes I wonder whether my journey would have been better if I had made wiser choices. It’s a constant battle and struggle in trying to reconcile some events from the past. Was thinking if I could travel back in time, and have a chat with my younger self, what would I say. Was surprised to note that it was a pretty long list. Here goes… are you ready for some shameful self-confession?

•Be silly, goofy. Life would get serious eventually but for now just be silly. Laugh and love much.

•Never underestimate yourself ever. You have come a long way through your hard work & strength. You rock!

•Always listen to your instinct. Its always right.

•Just freaking love yourSELF much.

•Don’t be a follower. Be a seeker.

•Always be humble.

•Start a bucket list early and achieve it.

•If you like/love a guy, open up, and just say it. Probably he is as shy as you are too. The “what if” after that would be heart-rending.

•But remember you also do not need a relationship to feel complete. It comes from within and don’t look for it outward.

•People will always be judgmental about the way you look, talk, and your weight. Don’t let that define you as a person. You are more than your skin.

•LISTEN. You are not born to clear other people’s mess.

•Be financially prudent, wise. Learn to invest at a very young age.

•Exercise. Eat healthy – by that I mean more dessert, not 😛

•Budget airlines would be an “in” thing in the future. So make sure you TRAVEL. Because you enrich yourself by seeing the world.

•Choose your friends wisely. Your vibe attracts your tribe. Emit the right vibe.

•Read ferociously. Expand your worldly knowledge. Few years down the line you will be exposed to various social media and gadgets but trust me there is nothing like holding a good book. Also, analyse your surroundings. Make an informed decision always.

•Pursue an engineering or IT degree (because in the long run, it’s more marketable). But then I need to speak to my 13-year-old self to buck up in Maths and Physics *facepalm*. the ever dilemma of I don’t heart Maths.

•Learn to play a musical instrument and swim.

•I know it’s hard but just love your hair and take care of your skin.

•Never be ashamed of you who you are.

•Give back to society.

My younger self, you will go places, in fact, live in different countries. You will gain new experience and meet new people. Trust me; you have come a long way on your own. Be proud of yourself. Be confident. Whenever you feel you had fallen into a rut, remember it’s time to cut whatever that weigh you down. Live, laugh & love.

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