Me, myself & I-cerebrum ;)

Not sure whether it’s the sign of ageing (despite me pacifying myself like a broken record that “age is just a number”) or the cold weather freezing up the limited grey cells, my memory is failing me nowadays.  With occasional self-nudging, I am back to normal. I needed a long-term solution and did some research. God bless the inventor of Google. Wallah, the answer was staring at me 😉 drum roll… it seems to stimulate the cells in the cerebrum one must… here goes

play more mind stimulating games

Ahemmm…this is a justification for my need to unlock all the restaurants in my current fav “cooking fever” game ( an online game that I had downloaded). Imagine the idea of cooking yummylicious food for money and without the need of cleaning 😉 (*note: never happens in real life only virtual) see why I love this game now. I am a burger, sushi, ice cream, Mexican, Chinese food, etc. expert. You name it; I have “cooked” it… ;). To me this game is pretty mind stimulating. On a serious note, to improve memory and cognitive function apparently games like crossword puzzle, Sudoku, Scrabble, etc. helps.


This is surely in the moving timeline pipeline. And yes, walking around the house, office and shopping malls are considered workout in my books for now. Maybe, I should start with some yoga poses at home. But, but I am pretty sure that I will excel in Shavasana (corpse pose) for obvious reasons. Ohmmm…. shanti!!!

pic yoga


I do read quite a bit, from the boring contracts and official docs to novels when I find the time. But I religiously follow and read Facebook wall every day… that must count too right :p

do something new

It seems when you try something new, your intelligence level will increase and new neural pathways will be created. Hmmm… not sure if my intelligence has increased. But I have tried many new things and I have enjoyed it much. I have learned to appreciate and celebrate the little things in life more. I tend to slow down and savour my surroundings and nature. Simply, in awe of what mother-nature has to offer. It’s really therapeutic and blissful I realised. I am immersing in the “now”. That ought to give some positive signals to the brain, no 🙂

eat healthy

I have had altered my diet much. Eating much healthier now with occasional indulgence here and there like 5 days a week maybe . Whilst updating my blog am already thinking of Belgian chocolate cake… nom..nom. Give me my teh tarik and vadai, I say.


The pic below says it all. Me and meditation have a long way to go. The moment I relax and close my eyes my dear, dear mind, it wonders and travels to many places and countries that I myself have not personally set foot in. Thereafter, it goes into zzzzz mode. This is something I need  to work on slowly but surely. Because I tend to ruminate much and when I venture into my overthinking mode my brain won’t stop talking to itself and deprive me of the much needed beauty sleep. Also, explains the reason behind the dreaded panda eyes grrrr… .On retrospect, how I wish my mind was this active during revision or exam times. I would have rocked Uni much and be the model student that I never was 😉

pic meditate

There are other ways of improving one’s brain capacity too (adequate sleep hours, positive thinking, etc.). The brain is a unique organ, and apparently, we underutilise it much. Leverage on the tonnes of articles available in the net. Some may apply, some don’t. Google it up!! Not going to state all of it here. Well, you must give your “brain” some workout by “reading” and researching too.

Now, I don’t even know why I am blogging about “brain” out of the blue. What was I thinking hmmm… But ya, good to know how to maintain ones sanity by taking care of her/it 🙂 Oh, well….

Goals? What goals?

And so, I paraded into the office yesterday like I owned that place, said the usual hellos and good morning greetings to lovely colleagues. Sat on my chair, and thought to myself with a grin, what a productive, happy day it’s going to be.

Then it hit me when I saw the date on my women’s wit calendar (cause normal calendar are too mainstream). We are already 4 months into 2016. Seriously, right, why does time sprint like bloody roadrunner. Who is chasing IT for goodness sake? With my current fitness level, I can’t run as fast (not that I was any good before). Rolling would be faster to catch up I reckon. Anyways, will safe my moving timeline fitness journey for some other time.

I started 2016 with no fixed goals. For obvious reasons. On the hindsight, maybe yours truly had overestimated my “managing my life without a plan skill”. Note to self: Get your act together woman. So I dutifully posted a self note sticky note to myself, and continued with work (after all they pay me a wage to work and not to daydream about my life journey :))

After work this fully charged woman marched to my fav cafe like a superstar, got a strong coffee and threw in a cake too. I needed the energy to think of the thousands of what ifs and what nots. Also, because the tummy was growling. And the end results, I have signed up for Terracotta Decoupage class over the weekend. I know this word sounds sexy and all, but really it is decoing and colouring of some pots classlah. I love anything artsy crafty you see. It’s therapeutic.

Something to look forward to, no 🙂 *happydance*

Now, I just pray that the instructor will manage to get 4 other eager beaver participants like me to start the class.*Fingers crossed ohm ganapathi*.

p/s – still waiting for my class to commence. Been postponed twice due to no fault of mine. Wish more people will have sudden what’s happening with my life, wake up call. Just like me. At least, the class will start soon with enough participants then:). Wish me luck!!